Involving People, and watching football

Another started-on-the-train post, the length of which reflects (more or less) the length of my journey home.

Yesterday took in a trip to the Cardiff City Stadium for two, entirely unrelated, happenings. First was the annual event of Involving People, the organisation which works across Wales to promote public and service user participation in health and social care research. I’ve had contact with the Involving People team in connection with COCAPP, and the folk there are really very good. Yesterday’s event was excellent, too, and I learned plenty about public engagement from the earliest generation of research ideas onwards.

Following a short-ish break and a chance to catch up on work emails over a coffee, my return trip to the stadium was to watch Cardiff City put in a rather jittery performance against a visiting Leicester side looking to press their own promotion credentials. An at-the-death goal from the Bluebirds’ Rudy Gestede got the draw. Well done that man.


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