19th International Network for Psychiatric Nursing Research Conference

Here is just-published information on this autumn’s NPNR conference, which I’ve grabbed from the RCN website:

The Personal and Political of Mental Health Nursing Research

  • 05 September 2013 – 06 September 2013
  • Warwick Arts Centre, The University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL

Event home

Calling for papers NOW

This international conference aims to examine the personal everyday experiences of living with mental health problems and delivering mental health nursing care and some of the political responses and implications of the events and forces that provide the context within which we live and work.

Mental health nurses regardless of setting are engaged in highly personal alliances with individuals with mental distress. In that light, we wish to hear about research that examines the therapeutic alliances, mental health nursing interventions and creative partnerships that form the focus of much mental health care.

But these personal and professional alliances can also be influenced by wider events that can shape and determine the culture of mental health nursing practice. National responses to global financial crises in the form of austerity measures, cutbacks in services and changes to roles within the workforce can dovetail with existing patterns of inequality, stigma and discrimination to the detriment of mental health service users and staff alike.

The personal and political can be seen to be played out too in the relationships between nurses and the people they seek to support and help through issues of involvement, partnership and collaboration – whether in practice, education or research.

This conference provides an opportunity for an informed and critical look at the therapeutic alliance and the therapeutic environment from the personal and political perspectives of service users, carers, mental health nurses and colleagues. Papers examining interactions and interventions in mental health settings and the wider community are welcomed and could include nurse/patient interactions dealing with resistance, challenge, compliance, containment, risk, sexuality and gender, employment and inequalities.

Oral and poster papers are invited that seek to measure mental health outcomes and critically examine the ways in which these findings work to advance the development of interventions better suited to the needs of individuals and society.

Papers are invited which fall into the following themes:

  • Researching alliances, interventions, partnerships

Therapeutic alliances, mental health nursing interventions, creative partnerships in mental health care: this thread will include papers that focus on the personal and professional aspects of mental health nursing care.

  • Politics, populations, equality and diversity in mental health nursing research

We welcome contributions to this new thread that focuses on research that addresses political issues, including equality and diversity, in mental health nursing or that considers mental health needs in particular populations.

  • Austerity, costs and service delivery

We are keen to focus on service developments, evaluations and research that address the realities of financial restrictions and cuts in service delivery and some of the innovations and creative solutions that are emerging as a result.

  • New roles, new ideas, new researchers

We welcome papers reporting research that explore new or developing roles emerging in mental health care alongside papers that have something new and stimulating to say – give us something to think about! This thread is also open to new researchers perhaps presenting for the first time or presenting work in progress.

  • Innovation in teaching and learning

Developing new ways of delivering teaching and learning in mental health, for both staff and service users, has never been more urgent as roles and demands change, costs are considered and new technologies invite fresh ideas. We are keen to include papers that report research and evaluation of educational initiatives in mental health.

Concurrent sessions

These are presented orally. Each presenter is allocated a total of 20 minutes per session to include time for discussion (5 minutes).


Workshops are interactive sessions of 50 or 70 minutes where the leader works with the participants to develop their knowledge and understanding within a specific field. A workshop is presented by an expert within the field and may be pitched at a novice, intermediate or advanced level. Please indicate the level in your submission. To be considered for a workshop you must submit an abstract (1000 words limit), detailing the focus of the workshop and the nature of participation.

PhD Symposium

This will be an interactive session of 90 minutes where PhD students are invited to present one aspect of their research, which may be related to their theoretical framework, methodology, preliminary findings etc. Each presenter is allocated a total of 20 minutes per session to include time for discussion (5 minutes). PhD students are invited to submit an abstract is the usual way, but mark the theme ‘PhD Symposium’.


Poster presentations form a significant part of the conference proceedings and presenters will have an excellent opportunity to interact with delegates. Posters should present key themes or findings in a clear and stimulating way.

Ready to submit your paper?

Please prepare your abstract submission in a word document, (using Arial, regular, font size 10), including all points within these guidelines and save a copy to your device. Please forward a copy of your paper via email to Laura Benfield at npnr@rcn.org.uk. Please note only submissions received via email can be accepted. You will receive an abstract reference number for use in all future correspondence regarding the abstract.

The process for accepting abstracts is carried out through a scientific committee and the critieria can be dowloaded here.  

Key dates for your diary

5 April Call for papers open
– 12 April Registration opens
– 17 May Deadline for submissions
– 12 June The Skellern Lecture (Prof Alan Simpson) Sign up
– 17 June Abstract outcomes communicated

– 1 July Final programme announced
– 31 July Special rate for presenters (£220) ends
– 5-6 September Conference

Start networking now!


Use #NPNR2013 to tweet with the network as well as keeping up to date with programme developments and other conference news!


Join over 700 contacts engaged with NPNR, find us using the above link.

More details about NPNR can be found at www.rcn.org.uk/NPNR

Two day delegate fee
Presenter rate – £220
member rate – £260
Non member rate – £330
Student/carer/service user – £100
Conference banquet – £40

Event contact

Laura Benfield
Conference and Events Organiser
Royal College of Nursing
20 Cavendish Sq

Tel: 020 7647 3591
Email: NPNR@rcn.org.uk


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