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Moving and mental health

Yesterday’s torrential rain meant I skipped a run, which I’ve instead done this morning. Both the Taff Trail and Fforest Fawr are full of impromptu rivulets and debris. None of this has put off the walkers or mountain cyclists, or … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a first month, and a photo of a fallen tree

Officially I’ve knocked off for the Christmas and New Year holidays. I’m still awake earlier than I need to be, but the rotten weather this morning is (so far) putting me off a Saturday morning run. For today’s forecast, check … Continue reading

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The Mayan apocalypse and The King’s Fund

According to some interpretations of the Mayan long count calendar, tomorrow – December 21st 2012 – will see the end of the world. If the apocalypse does happen then none of us, I’m afraid, will get to know how accurate … Continue reading

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In praise of…student nurses

Student nurses (and their teachers) have come in for some criticism lately, as I’ve observed on this blog before. I won’t say anything about nursing academics in this briefest of posts, but I will say something about students. Which is … Continue reading

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University of South Wales

A quick post before I head off for the train. Interesting to see that the merger of universities in this part of the world has taken a step forward. Yesterday it was reported that the name of the institution which … Continue reading

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Mental Health Nurse Academics UK: hot off the press

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been acting as a returning officer of sorts, as members of Mental Health Nurse Academics UK (MHNAUK) have been voting for a new Vice Chair. This is a position held for two years, … Continue reading

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On writing a paper about mental health systems, and running in mud

A fortnight ago I blogged about a paper I gave at this year’s Network for Psychiatric Nursing Research conference. My aim in this presentation was to move lightly through a series of completed studies I’ve previously been involved in, with … Continue reading

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