Mental Health Nurse Academics UK: hot off the press

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been acting as a returning officer of sorts, as members of Mental Health Nurse Academics UK (MHNAUK) have been voting for a new Vice Chair. This is a position held for two years, after which the incumbent becomes Chair for a further two years.

This morning I’ve emailed members of MHNAUK with news of the outcome. Well done to Professor Joy Duxbury, from UCLan, who is duly elected. Joy knows lots about risk, safety, aggression and coercion in mental health services (see, for example, this paper and this paper). She takes up her position in the new year, picking up from Dr Michael Coffey (Swansea University) who now becomes Chair. That’s a great combination of people, let it be said: MHNAUK remains in very capable hands. By the way, I’m not sure if Joy tweets, but for the Twitter-users out there Michael does as @D10Coff.

Taking a well-earned breather having done an excellent job chairing MHNAUK for the last two years is Professor Alan Simpson from City University, or @cityalan as he’s known in Twitter-land. Good work, Alan. Now go and prepare that talk you have to give as Skellern Lecturer for 2013!


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