University of South Wales

A quick post before I head off for the train. Interesting to see that the merger of universities in this part of the world has taken a step forward. Yesterday it was reported that the name of the institution which will bring together the University of Glamorgan and the University of Wales Newport next year is to be the University of South Wales. Some of this has been quite fraught, what with Cardiff Met strongly resisting pressure from Welsh Government to join the party.

I’ve worked through an institutional merger of this type, having first been employed in the University of Wales College of Medicine before moving across to Cardiff University in 2004 when the two joined. In a day-to-day sense I’m not sure I ‘felt’ the significance of this move initially. Sometimes the impact of a change of this type takes time to work its way through the system, but I’m sure the limbering up for merger which has been taking place across other local universities has been anxiety-provoking for some. In the fullness of time it will be interesting to catch up with colleagues in Glamorgan’s Department of Care Sciences to hear how things are progressing. I wish them all well.

The train calls.


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