Moving and mental health

Craig yr Allt 23.12.12Yesterday’s torrential rain meant I skipped a run, which I’ve instead done this morning. Both the Taff Trail and Fforest Fawr are full of impromptu rivulets and debris. None of this has put off the walkers or mountain cyclists, or indeed the other runners. There were plenty of all types out there today.

Here’s the view from the top of Craig yr Allt, looking east. On this part of my journey I saw not a single other person. Remarkable, really, when you consider this is only a few miles from Cardiff.

I enjoy getting out and about, and that’s reason enough for me. For readers interested in the relationships between exercise and mental health, check out this blog and this blog, written by The Mental Elf (who also tweets via @Mental_Elf). Both posts have good links to individual research papers and systematic reviews. All very interesting, and by the looks of it an area where (not a phrase so often heard these days) more research is needed.


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