Cardiff hosting, and NPNR news

This is the week that both Mental Health Nurse Academics and the COCAPP team come to Cardiff. MHNAUK’s meeting on Friday will take place in the Council Chamber in the Main Building, which is really rather grand. Visiting COCAPPers can look forward to a more everyday venue for our Thursday meet-up. This will be in Eastgate House (which is where I’m based).

Other news of note in the world of mental health nursing education and research is the impending move of this autumn’s Network for Psychiatric Nursing Research conference from Oxford to Warwick. The annual NPNR bash has taken place in Oxford pretty much since it was launched in the 1990s. I gather from my Twitter-using pals who sit on the scientific and organising committees that we can expect a relocation for an event scheduled, this year, for September 5th and 6th. It occurs to me that Warwick University is well-placed for delegates travelling from all parts of the UK, and indeed from around the world.


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