End of the working day train blog

Here’s a quick post from the train heading home. At least there are plenty of seats to be had at this time of the evening, but missing a train can mean a fair wait until the next arrives. Anyway: this morning’s teleconference with the evidence synthesis team confirmed how much we’ve achieved so far in this project. This is a review in the area of ‘risk’ for young people using inpatient mental health services. I’m very much appreciating the design we’re using, which revolves around two reviewing stages. Following an initial scoping, representatives from the wider stakeholder field have the chance to shape the priorities for our second, in-depth, review phase.

Today has also brought some MSc-related work, and a chance to meet with pre-registration postgraduate students to talk about dissertations and research approvals. Tomorrow’s COCAPP team meeting is all planned for, and then it’s onwards to Mental Health Nurse Academics with a meal in the evening and the big meet-up of the clans on Friday. Goodness me, it’s all happening.


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