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An evening on the Taff Trail

A brief post with no bearing on work matters whatsoever. Yesterday evening, in the two hours before sunset (which was just after 9pm), a perfect opportunity was presented to take in the simple pleasures of walking the Taff Trail. This is one of the places I also like to run, though for the last few weeks I’ve been nursing a sore Achilles and have, therefore, been resisting.

This part of the world is criss-crossed with disused railway lines, harking back to South Wales’ industrial heritage. Check out the photo here, which was taken yesterday on the flat, mile-long, stretch leading from the Penrhos Cutting to the bottom of the steep hill which climbs above Castell Coch.

This second photo was taken on the same stretch looking towards Craig yr Allt, which remains one of my most favourite places of all.


Hello again, trainers

Today's trainersGreat to have been running again this morning, with my pal Simon. We chose a relatively flat route, taking us down the Penrhos Cutting and along the Taff Trail heading towards Pontypridd. It’s only been a week or so since I last got out, but I sure felt creaky.

To illustrate this event on this blog I might have uploaded a photograph or two of South Wales’ hills and trails, or even a piccie taken en route. These options are far too obvious. Instead I have elected to include a picture of my trainers, sitting proudly post-run on a staircase. Thank you, shoes, and I apologise if you deserve a more accomplished runner than me as your owner.