Initiatives crisis

My esteemed friend and colleague Professor Alan Simpson draws my attention this afternoon to this piece on the NHS Networks website, which points to a catastrophic collapse in the availability of NHS initiatives. Here’s a snippet:

The report, No More Burning Platforms: We’re Out of Job, produced by a leading think tank, paints a disturbing picture of a future health service where hundreds of millions of pounds a year currently devoted to transformation programmes, innovation schemes and reports that no one reads could be siphoned off by officials to fund wasteful and inefficient “frontline” services such as hospital A&E departments and GP surgeries.

As I type, NHS executives will be frantically planning emergency fishing trips to poach the initiatives of other countries. Let’s hope they’re able to replenish our dwindling supplies of TLAs* at the same time.

*TLAs: three-letter acronyms. Like SMI, CBT and ACT. These should never be confused with their four-letter cousins, like CMHT, DTOC and CRHT, which are quite different. For more on this, see this earlier piece.


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