Three hundredth post

By the looks of it this is my three hundredth post on this site. My blog writing and curating has waxed and waned over the years, and from time to time I’ve needed to engage in furious catch-ups. But that’s ok. Rather than write something about mental health policy, services, nursing, research or education on this occasion I’ve chosen to upload some outdoors photographs with some short explanatory notes, simply because it pleases me to do so. Enjoy.

Sgwd yr Eira

First up is a photograph taken in early 2020, shortly before the first pandemic-related lockdown, of Sgwd yr Eira. Located in the Brecon Beacons National Park, Sgwd yr Eira is a waterfall behind which it is possible to walk. The landscape of Wales is one of the many reasons why it’s good to live, work and study in this part of the world, which is exactly what I’ve been doing for well over half of my life.

The Taf Estuary from Laugharne

Somewhere we’ve visited lots over the years is Laugharne, a town in Carmarthenshire known particularly for its association with Dylan Thomas. Here is a view from Laugharne of the Taf Estuary, taken in April 2021 during a lockdown window when travel within Wales was possible.

Heading to the top of Cat Bells

In September 2021 it was possible to travel within the UK. This picture was taken en route to the top of the (very walkable) Cat Bells, near Keswick in the ever-beautiful Lake District. This modest mountain is a family favourite, and I’ll look forward to a return visit at some point.

A rather sinister-looking corvid

Whilst Covid can’t disappear quickly enough, corvids (a family of birds which include crows, jackdaws and ravens) are a wholly different proposition. Intelligent and good at problem-solving, this particular example was spotted in Cornwall in February 2022.

That’s it for now. In November 2022 I’ll have reached another blog-related milestone, which is to have maintained this site for ten years. I’ll see if I can keep on top between now and then.


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