Cardiff University Press

Here’s a shout-out for Cardiff University Press, established in 2014 and a publisher of diamond (‘free in, free out’) open access books and journals. I’ve been involved with the Press since 2015, and in July 2021 joined colleagues online for a monograph commissioning panel meeting followed by a meeting of the full editorial board.

CardiffUP is remarkably interdisciplinary, and through the Press I get to work with colleagues from all three Colleges of the University. Though small in number, the monographs thus far published by the Press are nothing if not diverse: martial arts studies, living with cancer, human-computer interaction, media narratives of poverty and health care professional education. Further monographs are under review, and my impressions are that interest in the Press is on the up (check out this link to the most recent CardiffUP annual report). This reflects, I think, the extent to which funding bodies are increasingly concerned to make sure that the publications arising from the research they support appear in open access form.


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