Mental health needs and services in Palestine

Mohammad Marie, Aled Jones and I have co-authored a paper arising from Mohammad’s PhD. This appears in the gold open access International Journal of Mental Health Systems, and a copy can be downloaded by following this link.

The article is titled Mental health needs and services in the West Bank, Palestine and has this for an abstract:

Background: Palestine is a low income country with scarce resources, which is seeking independence. This paper discusses the high levels of mental health need found amongst Palestinian people, and examines services, education and research in this area with particular attention paid to the West Bank.
Methods: CINAHL, PubMed, and Science Direct were used to search for materials.
Results and conclusion: Evidence from this review is that there is a necessity to increase the availability and quality of mental health care. Mental health policy and services in Palestine need development in order to better meet the needs of service users and professionals. It is essential to raise awareness of mental health and increase the integration of mental health services with other areas of health care. Civilians need their basic human needs met, including having freedom of movement and seeing an end to the occupation. There is a need to enhance the resilience and
capacity of community mental health teams. There is a need to increase resources and offer more support, up-to-date training and supervision to mental health teams.

Further papers from Mohammad’s study will follow, and I’ll aim to post updates as work progresses.


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