Mental Health Nurse Academics UK meets in Preston

Here’s a quick blog post sent from a train, en route from Preston to Cardiff following the Autumn term meeting of MHNAUK. We met at UCLAN, hosted by Joy Duxbury, Mick McKeown and Karen Wright. On the agenda were presentations from Nadeem Gire on tackling digital exclusion, and from Mick McKeown on ‘Democracy and Legitimacy in Mental Health Care’. Mick, as always, was thought-provoking and challenging: follow this link to access downloadable copies of many of his articles.

Sabine Hahn, Peter Wolfensberger and Swiss colleagues were present, with Sabine and Peter giving an overview of the development of mental health nursing and the establishment of the Swiss Academic Society of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. Seamus Watson spoke about public mental health, and what role nurses might play.

In the post-lunch business section of the meeting there were discussions on (amongst other things) the Shape of Caring review, this year’s NPNR conference and plans for 2016, and on a future student mental health nursing conference.


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