Final call for #NPNR2015 delegates

Next week the 21st International Network for Psychiatric Nursing Research (NPNR) conference takes place in Manchester. There is still time to book a place, but only for those who act quickly as demand has been high. Here is what we’re saying about this year’s event:

As the NPNR conference convenes for the 21st time developments in research, education and delivery of mental health nursing care continue apace. New knowledge opens the way for new forms of relationships with people who use services, their families and with colleagues within and outside our discipline. The way mental health nurses are educated and how they develop and research their practice is also changing, bringing with it new opportunities and many challenges.

This year’s conference will engage with the emerging evidence and changes in the landscape of care as we seek to craft new understandings of what it means to be a mental health nurse. As we become attuned to the vagaries of policy and the volume of new knowledge for our profession we must also rise to the challenge of ‘seeing’ in new ways. Our intention is to provide a space where colleagues can debate and critically engage with flux in the profession.

The NPNR is the place for mental health nurses and those we work with to present and learn new knowledge. We encourage you to participate in discussion so that you leave the conference informed, enlightened and with new energy to engage with the challenges ahead. Alongside our expert speakers, great practice development and research papers the conference promotes a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that has been the hallmark of NPNR for 20 years. This year in addition to our exciting themes we include new developments for 2015.

NPNR 2015And, for a taster, here’s a snip from the conference website giving some information on this year’s keynote speakers. Very impressive indeed.

As always, the two-day programme also features concurrent sessions, supplemented (this year) with workshops and symposia. I’ll be part of a COCAPP delegation delivering three linked papers: a main findings presentation, a paper with an interesting emerging analysis of risk in care planning and coordination, and a presentation on how people talk about recovery and personalisation.


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