Horatio Festival of Psychiatric Nursing

Horatio is the European Association for Psychiatric Nurses. On the group’s website it says:

The aims of the Association are twofold: to advocate for the interest of the members by providing input into the decision-making processes on issues relevant to psychiatric and mental health nursing in Europe and to promote the development of psychiatric and mental health nursing practice, education, management and research.

I’m just back from Horatio’s latest gathering: the Third European Festival of Psychiatric Nursing, with its theme of ‘Creativity in Care’. This took place between November 6th-9th in Malta, which (unfortunately for those of us aiming to sightsee on our single free afternoon) happened to be experiencing some unseasonably miserable weather.

As an event, this was a large and properly international one. Whilst there I delivered two presentations: one from the RiSC study, and one a knitting-together of ideas, methods and findings from a series of interconnected and now-completed studies into changing mental health systems and nursing work. My themes in this second presentation will be familiar to readers of this blog, but if it’s worth saying once it’s worth saying again. Here are my slides, for anyone interested:



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