More unwanted invitations

In a post I wrote in May I complained about academic spam, and particularly the endless receipt in my email inbox of unwanted invitations to write papers for unknown journals specialising in areas I know absolutely nothing about. Emails of this type keep on coming, and I thought I’d share one directly with readers who may be interested. Remember, the additional sting in the tail is that if I ever do take one of these offers up I’ll probably then be asked to pay an author processing charge.

Today, the OMICS publishing group sent me this:

Dear Dr.Ben Hannigan,

Greetings from OMICS!
We are really happy to connect with an expert like you in the field of Journal of Civil and Legal Sciences which is a very important area of publication in our Journal of Civil and Legal Sciences.
We believe your potential in submitting a manuscript towards our journal and please let us know your response regarding this.
In the context of your busy timings or other professional commitments if you cannot agree to this, we expect you to suggest any other expert like you for this.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Nice to know that civil and legal sciences are an important area for OMICS to publish in their Journal of Civil and Legal Sciences. Who’d have thought it? I’ve actually hidden my personal expertise in this area very well, pretending instead to be an academic mental health nurse who knows something about systems, services, work and roles.

OMICS, you won’t be hearing from me.


2 thoughts on “More unwanted invitations

  1. The OMICS group is one of the worst offenders for this. Personally, I always fight shy of invitations from journal groups that can’t quite get the grammar right in their emails. It doesn’t bode well for the literary standard of the journals, does it…

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