Ten good reasons to come to this year’s NPNR conference

This year’s International Network for Psychiatric Nursing Research Conference takes place on the 5th and 6th of September at Warwick University. Here are ten reasons to come along and participate:

  1. to learn from Professor Kate Pickett (co-author of The Spirit Level) talking about global inequalities in mental health;
  2. to hear Professor Len Bowers presenting new findings from his Safewards trial;
  3. to listen to Charles Walker MP, who has talked publicly about his personal experience of mental health difficulties, speaking on the topic of making the personal political;
  4. to hear Dr Simon Duffy from the Centre for Welfare Reform talking about personal responsibility and social justice;
  5. to listen to Dr Fiona Nolan from UCL/Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust discussing protected engagement time in acute mental health inpatient wards;
  6. in a packed programme of concurrent sessions, to learn from delegates (from the UK and beyond) talking about their research studies large and small;
  7. to renew existing friendships within the mental health nursing research field, and to make new ones;
  8. because I defy you to tell me you have anything more interesting to be doing over the two days the conference is taking place;
  9. because if (like me) you’re a regular at this conference, being there is the only way to find out how the NPNR at Warwick compares with the NPNR at Oxford;
  10. because you will, undoubtedly, enjoy yourself.


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