MHNAUK launches a blog

Michael Coffey, chair of Mental Health Nurse Academics UK, has today launched the group’s blog at

On the site’s home page Michael writes that:

This is the first entry in what we hope will be a vibrant and engaging place for members of MHNAUK to communicate the range of work we as a group do […] we want to communicate to a wider audience via this blog to show what we are doing and to engage in dialogue about our views on the future direction of education, research and ultimately the practice of mental health nursing.

Michael also points to some of MHNAUK’s current projects. These include Andy Mercer (from Bournemouth University) gathering evidence on the different ways applicants for pre-registration mental health nursing courses are selected, and Fiona Nolan (from UCL) leading an overview of mental health nursing research in the UK.

I’ve posted a comment on the site, and look forward to others doing the same. Go check it out. Right now!


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