Two out of three…

…ain’t bad. After a fairly intensive burst of writing over the last few months I received, on Saturday, an editor’s ‘no thanks’ email following completion of the peer review of a paper I offered for publication at the end of 2012.

Of three manuscripts under review at the turn of the year one is now available as early online and in green open access form. This is the article (written with Michael Coffey) on nurses as approved mental health professionals, which I blogged about here.

A second, which I mentioned here, has been revised and resubmitted. Fingers and toes remain crossed for a positive final outcome.

The last is now back with me for a rethink following receipt of this weekend’s editorial decision email. The anonymous reviewers and the editor, I have to say, gave this third manuscript a proper run-through. In turn I’ve thanked them for their efforts, disappointing though the outcome is. As it happens, one reviewer liked what s/he read, and a second definitely did not. The editor went with the second, and gave a reasoned account why the paper should not proceed. Thank goodness for that academic rhino hide I’ve developed. Emails rejecting papers sting, but it passes. So right now I’ll take what I’ve got and put some time into refashioning this paper for another outlet. More to follow in due course.


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