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20th International NPNR Conference: call for abstracts

Early news of this year’s International Network for Psychiatric Nursing Research conference, and a call for abstracts, have just appeared. The event takes place at Warwick University on September 18th and 19th, and more information can be found by following … Continue reading

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Monitoring the Mental Health Act: what’s happening in Wales?

Just enough time this morning to note this week’s publication of the Care Quality Commission’s annual report into the use of the Mental Health Act in England, and to pose a question. Here are word-for-word snips taken from the CQC … Continue reading

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Closing the Gap?

Earlier this week, over the border in England Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg put his name to a new policy document titled Closing the Gap: Priorities for essential change in mental health. The foreword to this includes the line that … Continue reading

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Using digital tools to promote research and scholarship

This week I received an invitation from a colleague at Cardiff Metropolitan University to spend an hour or so sharing my experiences of integrating my use of the ORCA institutional repository with this blog and my Twitter account in the … Continue reading

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Activity based funding and student research in the NHS

Yesterday I spent time with a group of MSc students, talking about research review processes. I’ve written on this blog in the past about my experiences of seeking approvals for my PhD, and in Monday’s session I urged people to be … Continue reading

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‘Psychiatric Ideologies and Institutions’: 50 years and counting

Happy new year. In the midst of a series of holiday period email exchanges Michael Coffey happened to mention that 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Anselm Strauss and colleagues’ Psychiatric Ideologies and Institutions. This is a … Continue reading

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