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Resilience and community mental health nursing in Palestine

With his permission, let me introduce you to Mohammad Marie. I know Mohammad as a PhD student in the Cardiff School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies. He is also a mental health nurse and teacher, who (when he isn’t attending … Continue reading

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Research, open access and academic blogging

Martin Webber, social work academic at the University of York, is inviting discussion on why researchers should blog. Martin will be drawing on what people say at a seminar he’s giving early next month as part of a York Social … Continue reading

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More on health and social care

A second brief post, now that Andy Burnham (Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary) has delivered the speech I heard mention of earlier today. I’ve found this version on the Labour Party’s website, and also this response from Chris Ham at the … Continue reading

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Integrating health and social care

I caught a brief news item on this morning’s Today programme pointing to a speech that Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham is expected to make introducing the idea of combined NHS and social care budgets in England. This is … Continue reading

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Remarkable stuff, snow

As an aside, with no bearing whatsoever on my last post describing what I do using only the commonest words in the English language, here are two photographs revealing what snow is capable of. These were taken over the weekend, … Continue reading

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What I do at work, described using only the commonest 1,000 words in the English language

Via a link in a tweet from @bengoldacre I came across the Bad Science (and now Bad Pharma) author’s secondary (!) blog, and this page in particular. Here, Ben describes how randomised controlled trials work, using the English language’s commonest … Continue reading

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Snow, research and higher degrees

Today brought the predicted dollop of snow, meaning that yesterday there was no bread to be had in the shops. See this Met Office map of the UK, with its colour-coded weather warnings? See the red blob? That’s where I … Continue reading

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