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What future the NHS (2)?

Further to my last post referring to Raymond Tallis’ staunch defence of the NHS, a second excellent health service-related talk at Hay was Andrew Edgar’s. Andrew is a philosopher at Cardiff University, and on Tuesday he gave a customarily considered … Continue reading

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What future the NHS?

Yesterday at the Hay Festival I heard Raymond Tallis deliver a strong attack on the coalition government’s ‘redisorganisation’ of the NHS in England. The Health and Social Care Act 2012 has opened the NHS to the market in unprecedented fashion. … Continue reading

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Exam time

For students up and down the country it is examination season. Whilst students of mental health nursing are busy submitting their dissertations, writing up their reflective essays and achieving their practice-based ‘competencies’ I thought it might be interesting to share … Continue reading

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COCAPP: involving service users

Time this morning for a brief post drawing attention to two excellent opportunities for people with personal experience of using mental health services to contribute to COCAPP. I’ve written about COCAPP on this site before, and we’re now looking for … Continue reading

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An evening on the Taff Trail

A brief post with no bearing on work matters whatsoever. Yesterday evening, in the two hours before sunset (which was just after 9pm), a perfect opportunity was presented to take in the simple pleasures of walking the Taff Trail. This … Continue reading

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Unwanted invitations

A brief, early morning, rant. I’m all for open access, but this morning – and most certainly not for the first time – I received an unsolicited and entirely unwanted email inviting me to submit a paper to an open … Continue reading

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Meeting new students

This morning began in class with a group of 25 or so (very) new students of mental health nursing. The session revolved around a series of open-ended questions, in family therapy style, put to John Hyde and to me by … Continue reading

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